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Making Waves for Coastal Cleanup

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Are you ready to get involved? Here’s how your commitment can help us make an impact.


The Importance of Coastal Conservation.


The Community to Clean Up Waterways.


The Operations to Preserve our Ocean.

Ocean Ridge

The Mission

Ocean Ridge is making waves for coastal cleanup. Our mission is to inspire others to protect the planet’s blue heart through our coastal conservatory effort.

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Together we can make waves towards a cleaner ocean.

Environmental stewardship is making waves across the country. People are joining together to raise awareness of the impacts of ocean pollution and its harmful nature to our environment. Through hands-on initiatives, Ocean Ridge is engaging communities to help preserve the health and vitality of our coastal community. We are creating a sustainable future for our planet by promoting a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant ocean.

High School Program

Our main initiative is to empower the youth to protect the ocean. We partner with high school students to provide opportunities to earn service hours while participating in ocean cleanup and conservation projects. We believe by offering student-led projects we can foster a sense of responsibility for the health of our ocean and initiate the next generation of environmental leaders.

CONTACT US. If you are interested in volunteering.

Corporate Program

Give back while protecting the planet’s blue heart. We bring together community organizations and business groups to initiate a positive change in coastal conservation. We help put philanthropic values into action by providing an impactful opportunity to serve alongside your friends and co-workers. Exciting and engaging service projects can make a real difference in protecting and preserving the health of our ocean.

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About Us

Making Waves for Coastal Cleanup

Ocean Ridge is a local non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the intercoastal waterways and coastline of South Florida from waste buildup. The organization’s pure goal is to preserve the beauty and vibrancy of the waterways for generations to come. This is done by providing waterway pollution control through education, advocacy, and community engagement.